Be Done in a Jiffy!

Dressing in a jiffy is not quite an area of expertise for me but this sunny smokin’ hot day recognised the urgency for it since I was mad sweating while getting dressed (even with the air condition turned on). Only when I was blasted out the door to get these shot that I  realised I was dressed from head to toe in H&M (obsessed much?). The scorching rays from the sun calls for aplenty of light dressing, sunscreen and water. So load up on these babies if you want to get through this everlasting summer.

0 notes / June 23, 2012


A Day in Life

Wow, don’t these outfit photos zap up a whole day’s worth of malady. Straight from the ERIIN’s awesome trunk show, the sun was shining and we sauntered around for some snaps and ice cold rootbeer. The latter was more welcomed even though we braved some traffic and possibly stopped some in between. How deceiving - in this mighty small leather clutch is a wheelbarrow of junk hidden. It’s definitely a favourite of mine and Yus’s (don’t get me started on the similar amount of things we have) and I speak for the both of us that favourite gets you to happy places, even when the seams of the ‘not-so-perfect’ bag starts to give way. 

*Thanks Dip for the photos!

0 notes / May 31, 2012


Look Right

(Lace Crochet dress c/o Sugarlips, H&M Sunglasses, Steve Madden black pumps)

The sweet people at Sugarlips sent over this gorgeous lace crochet dress to me and I had to wear it out as soon as it arrived. If there’s one thing about Sugarlips that I love, it’s definitely the versatility and wearability of all their pieces.This dress is a current favourite of mine and everything about this dress is light, easy and breezy. I’ve already worn this dress twice and I’ve a few other places in mind that I’ll definitely will be wearing this number to. 

0 notes / May 24, 2012


No Frills Sunday

Just a lazy Sunday wearing my favourite pair of sneakers which I’ve had for at least 10 years now. I think the secret to a pair of chucks is the more worn in it gets, the better. Reckon 10 years would have done that trick. I wonder what else in my abyss of closet space has been around for that long a time..

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Men’s Fashion Week came and gone in a jiffy and here are snippets of what we wore. The awesome graffiti-ed walls at the skate park were too gorgeous to pass out for photo ops. Never mind the whole park was watching us but hey, I could bust an ollie and a kickflip for entertainment sakes.

I try to get a lot of wear time for my clothes and these two pieces are just MAGIC together (or at least I think).  I love them singly, but even more so worn together. See me go my precious with my peplum.

Let me answer your raging question to the mystery shot of the lady wearing an insane amount of colour with awesome shark nail art to boot. My girl Abby has such mad talent for nail art and I’ve always been a fan of all the different types of nail art she comes up with every week! This girl has got skillz. Do check out her crazy portfolio here. Oh and did I mention her works have made debut in CATALOG magazine before? 

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